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How We Got Started

While we are still a fairly new company, we at Air Compressor Systems Inc believe that we are setting ourselves apart as a powerhouse in our industry. We opened our doors in February of 2014 and have been providing excellent customer service since opening day. Our goal is to become more like our larger competitors, however we see the benefits of keeping our small business functionality. We hope to open many more locations in the near future, and with the help of our clientele and an expert service.

Small Business Values for Compressor Repair

When we say we want to maintain our small business values, we essentially mean that we want to keep providing our customers with excellent service and steer away from automation. When a customer calls Air Compressor Systems Inc, they will not be greeted by an automated answering service. We believe in interacting with our customers and giving them an actual person to speak with about our products or their repair needs. We pride ourselves on having a small business feel and we don’t want to lose that as we grow. 

Authorized Distributors

Air Compressor Systems Inc, is your authorized distributor of Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech.

Air Compressor Repairs and Services

At Air Compressor Systems Inc, we believe that the sale is only the first step of our relationship with our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on many facets of our industry, but particularly on our knowledge of what is need for a complete compressed air system. We believe that maintenance and repair services are just as important as the sale of our products, and when a customer buys from Air Compressor Systems Inc, it’s only the beginning of our business relationship.

Focusing on Small Business Values

We at Air Compressor Systems Inc believe in providing our customers with the utmost in customer service. While our dream is to become as large as some of our competitors and service companies throughout the country, we never want to lose the small business values that set us apart. We return every call placed to our call line and we avoid using an answering service. With Air Compressor Systems Inc, you will always speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff, never a recording. So give us a call today.